We aim to be the standard bearer in the golf fitness industry through constant innovation in the way golfers pursue perfection through amplified movement, accelerated recovery, and advanced performance.

The AMPD Story

AMPD Golf Fitness was established in 2013 by Damon Goddard with Andrew Banner as his understudy. They had one goal in mind – and that is to “bear the standard” in the golf fitness industry through bio-mechanical golf-specific programming and physiological recovery.

By March of 2016, Damon saw growth opportunities beyond their single facility in Dallas and began a partnership, with now TEAM AMPD Founder – Dustin Nichols. A sports marketing executive targeting strategic growth and brand partnerships.

Damon and Dustin envisioned a platform for more than just golf specific training, thus leading to the formation of TEAM AMPD. In November of 2016, the TEAM AMPD Founders Damon Goddard and Dustin Nichols, along with Co-Founder Andrew Banner – officially formed the new company.

In February of 2017 the partners added a fourth member – Justin Graves – (a Pharmaceutical & Compounding Executive) to help with operations and business management. Now, AMPD Golf Fitness falls under the umbrella of TEAM AMPD – and while TEAM AMPD is currently focused on golf performance, the other identified growth areas include AMPD Biotech, AMPD Tactical, and AMPD Wellness.

TEAM AMPD is born from a desire and passion to use the platform built for developing athletic golf champions through implementation of innovation and technology to elevate the ceiling of athletes from the Novice, to the Pros. AMPD’s technology produces dynamic golf-athletes more efficiently and effectively, using data and research to constantly improve the way we innovate – and develop talent.


Every golfer in the AMPD system has a passion that drives them to achieve their best in golf and life. Within that system, our golf fitness trainers challenge each athlete to identify and define the WHY. It is within this why that a system is built.

golf fitness training program


To change the way golfers pursue perfection through amplified movement, accelerated recovery, and advanced performance.


To continuously surpass expectation, deliver phenomenal service and modernize cutting edge programming for each golfer to feel better, play better and unleash their swing.


To reduce the risk of injury while continuously optimizing performance that shifts the way the game is played on and off the course.


The process begins with our in-depth EDGE-Assess™ which identifies where stress is currently placed upon each joint in the body. Next, we have the athlete complete a series of performance tests which give us key performance indicators. Altogether, this information goes through our Test, Analyze, Collaborate and Program process to best design a road map that each golfer can use to “unleash their swing.” These testing protocols are the backbone of the AMPD system. We continually test, analyze and collaborate on the KPI’s to track and monitor progress to ensure the most efficient and effective performance results.